VESASC announces Website Management Programme

Mumbai: Vivekanand Education Society’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous), one of India’s iconic education institutes has partnered with a leading digital building firm, RebelCorp Academy to launch a future ready course, RebelCorp Website Management Programme (RCWMP).  The course is an additional credit / Certificate program specially launched for students enrolling at VES’s autonomous courses and aims to prepare young students for the digital world of 2022.

The programme is a simple, fun and easy-to-learn course at the end of which students will gain tremendous web development skills without having to learn to code. The new-age programme will include creating and promoting E-commerce websites & products; familiarizing students to use Customer Relationship Management techniques on websites; how to use social media for business; and using automated and advanced data-driven features on the Rebelcorp platform.

Students opting for and completing this course will be able to build and manage websites on the RebelCorp platform, optimize Data analytics, use social media and other marketing tools efficiently as well as, get a refresher on Microsoft office applications. The course is designed to boost the already existing academic credits for the newly launched Autonomous courses of B.Com. (Finance), B.Com. (E-Commerce), BBA, B.Sc. (Data Science and Data Analytics).

Vivekanand Education Society’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce is NAAC Accredited College with an “A” Grade in its third cycle, permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai. VESASC has evolved into a massive ecosystem for education offering 29 courses which include 17 UG, 9 PG, and 3 PhD courses.

RebelCorp Academy is a division of RebelCorp Private Limited. RebelCorp is India’s simplest All-in-One Website builder Platform to enable users to build and manage their digital presence easily.

Speaking on the wins, Dr. Anita Kanwar, PrincipalVESASC said, “All-round development has always been our focus. We understand that every child comes with a different aptitude for different activities, and we nurture whichever sphere of life any student of ours would want to excel at. While academics are important, we have always been supportive by means of providing the necessary infrastructure, training facilities, and guiding in growth potential for every student who has stepped up to the various sporting events that are available in the country.”

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