RCSE, Sampark Foundation to boost learning outcomes in primary education

Jaipur: Rajasthan Council of School Education (RCSE) and Sampark Foundation, a leading NGO working towards improving learning outcomes in primary education have signed a MoU for a period of 5 years, to improve the quality of learning of 37 lakh children in around 65,000 primary schools of Rajasthan. In the first phase of the program a total of 8 districts will be covered including 5 Aspirational Districts. These districts are Dholpur, Sirohi, Baran, Karauli, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner & Jaipur.

Sampark Foundation is expected to invest up to Rs 40 crore, to increase the learning outcome of children enrolled in the government schools in the 33 districts of Rajasthan in subjects such as Math, English for classes 1 to 5 and Science in classes 6 to 8 by 10% during the first year and a 30% increase by the fifth year.

On this occasion B. D. Kalla, Education Minister, Government of Rajasthan thanked Sampark Foundation and its Founder-Chairman Vineet Nair for developing this innovative program and expressed the hope that the Education Department and Sampark Foundation would work together to further improve the learning outcomes of the children of the state. He said that Sampark Foundation’s latest innovation “Sampark TV” will provide an interesting and innovative learning environment to the students of the state.

On the occasion, Vineet Nayar, Founder-Chairman of Sampark Foundation said, “We are pleased to partner with the Government of Rajasthan, to take the Learning Outcome program in the state to the next level.”

“Quality primary education creates the foundation of a sound education ecosystem that nurtures our future generations.  We are fully confident that the Rajasthan Council of School Education, will work with us, to make the program a huge success and make a difference to the lives of lakhs of students. Sampark will bring its latest learning innovations such as the highly successful Sampark TV and English Speaking program to the children of Rajasthan and by actively participating with the state stakeholders will ensure substantial enhancement in learning outcomes,” he added.

Sampark has developed a unique approach to the teaching of Mathematics, English & Science, through its Sampark Smart Shala program, which aims to improve learning outcomes and to make learning interesting, meaningful, and effective for children, through its tech-enabled and TLMs equipped program. It also aims to strengthen the capacity of the state’s resource groups in the pedagogy of Mathematics, English & Science through a collaborative process involving direct field-based experiences and create a basis for the sustainable improvement of the quality of learning in the schools of 33 Districts, which includes 5 aspirational districts of the state Impacting 37 lakh children.

RCSE is responsible for education in the state of Rajasthan, across the schools and has taken various initiatives to improve the quality of education in the primary, upper primary, and secondary schools. Sampark Foundation and Rajasthan School Education Council will jointly implement the said program. Sampark Foundation will work closely with RCSE, Directorate of Education, Bikaner and all other government agencies including RSCERT.

Sampark will provide the print ready files of worksheets/workbooks to incorporate in the state workbooks for primary classes, developed based on the state curriculum framework. There will also be active engagement of Sampark in the training programs arranged by RCSE/RSCERT for teachers under the FLN program.

Sampark Foundation at its own cost will provide Numeracy and Language learning kits and resources, train teachers and monitor and evaluate the program in the government schools of Rajasthan. Sampark will provide schools equipped with TV, with Sampark TV plug and play devices. It will provide schools lesson plans – Class wise, Subject wise, Chapter wise. The lesson plans are mapped to SCERT Textbooks and aligned with Rajasthan state teaching schedule. This program will be made keeping in mind the syllabus, methods of teaching and textbooks of the state of Rajasthan.

Sampark will also provide 500 FLN teaching resources in the form of animated videos and audios mapped to SCERT Textbooks, 150 print-ready workbooks mapped to SCERT textbooks, 100 print ready worksheets for 100-day bridge program based on NAS Competencies, 500 plus children interactive gamified assessments and question bank mapped to SCERT Textbooks, over 30 print rich material for the classroom such as FLN Posters, online dashboard for State/District to monitor resource utilization and one Sampark Resource (Spark) in every district and one Sampark resource at the State level to implement and monitor the program. Sampark will also train teachers on SS pedagogy over 6 days per teacher in each block, over 10 E-Learning modules for self-learning for 22,862 teachers to gain certifications and awards and over 50 refresher digital training sessions will be conducted on a monthly basis.

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