’26/11-Like’ Attack- Mumbai Police receives a threat on WhatsApp

RNS: On Saturday, Mumbai Police traffic control received a WhatsApp threat resembling a 26/11 attack from a Pakistani number.

The threat message sent to Mumbai Police read, “There is going to be an attack on Mumbai and it will remind you of 26/11 attack. If the police try to trace my number, the location will reflect out of India. Six people will be executing this blast, and Mumbai city will be exploded. What if Osama bin Laden, Ajmal Kasab or Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed, there are many more.”

The investigation into this case is now being led by the Mumbai Police, with assistance from a number of other intelligence and central agencies.

On November 26, 2008, ten heavily armed terrorists from Pakistan caused mayhem in Mumbai, India, leading to the deaths of 166 people and injuries to over 300 more. This event is considered to be one of the most devastating terrorist assaults in the history of the country.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Vivek Phansalkar said police are coordinating with central agencies to trace the caller. “We’ll make sure nothing happens, and we’ll keep Mumbai safe,” he added.

Notably, the threat comes two days after a boat carrying arms and explosives was seized in Maharashtra’s Raigad district.

A high alert was sounded after a 16-metre accident-stricken yacht carrying a box with three AK-47 rifles, ammunition and some documents was found at Harihareshwar beach in Raigad on Thursday morning.

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