Kaushalya running from pillar to post to get back her land

RNS: Kaushalya Devi, a resident of Topchanchi block under Hariharpur police station, has complained about the encroachment of her land (raiyat) by neighbours. She alleged that even after the instructions, the BDO of Topchanchi block is not paying any heed in getting the land vacated.

Kaushalya is extremely poor but managing life to make a living. She is running from pillar to post to free up her land.

A copy of this complaint has also been sent to the Chief Minister, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and SSP. The Chief Minister’s Secretariat has written a letter to the DC and directed him to take appropriate action on this matter, said Kaushalya Devi.

Kaushalya, a resident of Barwadih in Topchanchi, has alleged that the neighbours—

 Jitu Mahato, Chhtu, Panchu Mahato and Kamal Mahato have forcibly encroached upon her land. It has been mentioned in the application that eight decimals of land (vide deed no:- 6620) had been purchased in 1989 at Barwadih. “I am living on this land by building a house. But neighbours have occupied some part of my land,” said Kaushalya.

Earlier, the order was issued by the then SDO in MP case number 1157 – 2010. In this, the claim of the applicant, Kaushalya Devi, was found correct. But even after submitting the application, no action has been taken to free up the land from others’ possession, she said.

Previously, the order was issued by the SDO in MP case number 1157 – 2010 and the assertion made by the petitioner, Kaushalya Devi, was validated as a result of this. But even though the application has been submitted, there has been no action in removing the possessions (from other people) on the land.

Later on 20 January 2020, SDO issued an order and got the land measured. The demarcation was also done but even after this the land was not freed from possession.

Meanwhile, the administration is maintaining silence on this issue now.

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