Students exhibit talent with their innovations

RNS: Aiming to provide a platform to the students and use their scientific acumen, DPS Bokaro organized an exhibition— ‘Joy of Creativity and Innovation’; students enthusiastically participated and explained their models to the parents who visited the campus for the Parent Teacher Meeting.

The students showed their skillful talent by presenting their innovative thinking in a tangible form. Radar, Toll Tax System, Clapping Hands, Black Line Follower Robot, Drawing Machine, Glasses for the Blind, Obstruction Indicator and Blind Detection Models, Safety Calling Machine and Anti Shaking Spoon were the centre of attraction.

Along with paintings, the exhibition displayed sculptures made from paper, clay and old newspapers. Handmade diyas and torans adorned the campus. Trainees of ‘Koshish’, a women empowerment center, put up a special exhibition of candles, soft toys and embroidery works.

The parents enjoyed the exhibition and appreciated the efforts put in by the school to nurture the creative potential of the students. They lauded the initiative taken and the platform provided to develop 21st century skills.

Principal A. S. Gangwar said that innovation takes place when children share their ideas and integrate them. Such exhibitions help children unleash their creative talent. DPS Bokaro constantly strives to provide the best education and also develop the imaginative qualities of the students; this exhibition is a small step towards it.

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