CDFD initiates approach to decode Paediatric Rare Genetic Disorders

RNS: Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), based at Hyderabad in India has initiated an inter-disciplinary approach to decode the genetic mutations that causes Paediatric Rare Genetic Disorders (PRaGeD).

The PRaGeD mission is a PAN-India initiative funded by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT).

“The rare genetic diseases are a global public health concern with 350 million people affected worldwide and about 70 million Indians,” said Rajesh Gokhale Secretary DBT after launching the programmes.

“Human Genetics and Genomics task force at DBT extensively supports genomics-based strategies for the prediction, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. The CDFD was collaborating with paediatrics departments of medical colleges, DBT-UMMID centres, and 15 centres across the country to analyse samples from children with rare genetic disorders and their parents,” he added.

The vision of PRaGeD was to create awareness, achieve genetic diagnosis, discover and characterise novel genes, provide counselling, and to develop novel therapies for paediatric rare genetic diseases in India, said Dr K. Thangaraj, Director CDFD.

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