China has highest daily count in six months despite COVID-19 restrictions

RNS: China reported 4,420 locally transmitted COVID-19 infections on Saturday. This is the highest daily case count in six months.

As of May 6, China had had the most instances in over a year. Despite China’s heavy-handed approach to the pandemic, the country reported 3,659 new local cases on Friday, according to Al Jazeera, cited by ANI.

The Chinese people are becoming more and more frustrated with the government’s strict enforcement of its zero-COVID policy. Its economy is also feeling the effects of the limitations. After the country announced the highest COVID case count in the recent six months just the day before, health officials vowed to maintain their stringent coronavirus controls.

On Saturday, health officials reaffirmed their commitment to “dynamic clearing” COVID cases. Disease control official Hu Xiang called China’s COVID-19 measures “completely correct, as well as the most economical and effective”.

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