Jaideep meets Steel Secretary, talks about Sports Culturing 

by Ashis Sinha

Bokaro, the first Global Active Partner City (GAC) in India, has pushed forward Mission Sports culturing through the multifaceted atmosphere of sports. In this row, on Saturday, the Lead Officer of the Global Active City mission Jaideep Sarkar met with N. N. Sinha, OSD & Steel Secretary (designated), Government of India, and discussed the contemporary yet significant matter of Sports Culturing & Sports promotion.

Sinha rushed to Bokaro Steel City on a two days visit. He is a keen sports lover; both had a conversation about the issues relating to the promotion of sports.

Notably, Bokaro, with its dynamic Director in Charge Amarendu Prakash at the helm of affairs and B.S.Popli, Chief General Manager (Town Services) as the Chairman of Global Active City Committee, is on the move to become a Sports City in the days to come. The mission of GAC in which the SAIL township of Bokaro, commendably entered in the year 2020 and got tremendous momentum through SAIL in the year 2021. As the year 2021 was declared “A Year fir Sports & Well-being” to revitalize the Bokaro Steel Plant through a series of puritan sporting programs, creating new innovative opportunities in the area of sports and physical activity.

Bokaro Steel City is a planned city established and maintained by Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) and well known as ‘Educational’ and ‘Steel’ hub. Now the city is becoming a “Sports Hub,” and it has a spot on the international list of organisations that are part of the “Active Well-being Initiative Network,” which is funded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Bokaro received the GAC standard on January 19, 2020, making it the first city in India and the second in Asia to do so. Bokaro is the second city in India to receive the distinguished designation, following Karasiyaka in Turkey (the first), said Jaideep.

Bokaro Steel City is now linked to the GAC network as part of the ‘nucleus mission’ protected and supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and intended by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

He said that this fundamental project (through the IOC) aims to provide the community a new direction by connecting the city of Bokaro to the Olympic Movement, allowing local citizens to be prepared in many ways by a healthy and functional environment.

“The involvement of UN with a bagful of sporting avenues will be a milestone to promote the importance & power of sports,” added Jaideep.

Recently, BSL management has launched a new initiative— “Happy Street” which is geared toward motivating residents to embrace healthy lifestyles. The ‘Happy Street’ program’s objective is to promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging individuals to participate in physical activities and utilise modes of transportation that do not include the use of a motor vehicle, said Jaideep.

Having fun in the street is the primary focus of the programme “Happy Street”. On the street, we are free to behave however we like. On the road, there are not many chances to let loose and have some fun. “We are free to engage in any activity that we so desire, including but not limited to the following: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Yoga, Karate, Skipping, Skating, Cycling, Taekwondo, Music, Singing, Dancing, Jogging, Painting, and anything else,” he added.

The BSL intend to cover 52 weeks of Sundays on the Happy Street— around 1 km stretch from Gandhi Chowk to Bokaro Mall on 7 to 9 am, on the road also known as the Mahatma Gandhi Path in Sector 4 of Bokaro Steel City, he said.

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