Gangwar bags Global Award at Bangkok

RNS: DPS Bokaro, Principal A. S. Gangwar has been awarded Exemplary Leader of the Year 2022 and an Honorary Doctorate in Thailand, bringing pride to the DPS Bokaro’s family and the state of Jharkhand. Gangwar is the only principal in Jharkhand to win this prestigious honour.

Both awards has been conferred to DPS Principal for his steadfast approach towards the progress of the school, providing up surging opportunities to the teachers and bringing in a progressive transformation in the learning ecosystem.

Gangwar was honoured with the ‘Exemplary Leader Award’ in the Asia Pacific Education Summit & Awards 2022 held in Bangkok, organized by the Center for Educational Development (CED) Foundation in collaboration with Global Human Rights Council.

The award is given in recognition of his dedicated efforts, contribution in the field of education and the mentorship exhibited in enriching young minds.  The Honorary Doctorate was conferred on Gangwar for his remarkable contribution in the field of education for more than three decades.

The Principal dedicated this honor to the entire school family and said, it is the result of everyone’s integrated co-operation. The objective of education is to make children successful citizens by educating them. DPS Bokaro has been striving in this direction and will continue to do so.

Earlier to this award, Gangwar was awarded ‘Excellence in Education Award 2022’ at Mauritius and was also acknowledged in the ‘International Education Excellence Award’ in Sri Lanka.



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