Sutlej Houses wins ‘Spardha’— the Annual Athletic Meet

RNS: Sutlej House stood first with 310 points while Chenab House stood second with 254 points and Jamuna House grabbed the third position with 178 points in “Spardha”— the Annual Athletic Meet held at DPS Chas.

The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr. Hemlata S. Mohan, who inaugurated the program by lighting the torch. The school flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest, which upheld the pride and honour of the school. With the release of the balloons, the athletic meet was declared open and the track events started, which was a spectacular show to observe. Shreya Suman was declared the best athlete among the girls and Manjit Kumar was among the boys in the category, including classes IV & V.

Akshara Kumari was declared the best athlete among the girls and Raj Tudu among the boys in the category VI to VIII. Jyotsna Raj secured the best athlete among the girls and Anuj Kumar among the boys in the category for classes IX and XI.

At the beginning of the program, the students presented the welcome song. A well- coordinated display of the march past by the four Houses viz. Ganga, Jamuna, Chenab and Sutlej added enthusiasm in the fresh morning air. Thereafter, more than 100 students of classes II to V put up a spectacular display of the butterfly drill and the aerobics drill. The playground was completely decorated for this event and the enthusiastic participation by the students added glory.

The students displayed their physical abilities and skills on this occasion. In the series of competitions like 100 m. 200 m. 400 m race, relay race, spoon-ball balancing race, race-o-matic, high jump, long jump, shot put and pack the bag race the students showcased their amazing mettle, winning the hearts of all. A 100-meter race and spoon-ball balancing race were organised for the teachers as well. The whole campus vibrated with a lot of vigour and zeal.

On this occasion, the Chief Guest, Dr. Hemlata S Mohan expressed her happiness over the wonderful organization of the program. Highlighting the importance of sports in the life of a student, she said that sports are not just a part of education, but a complete education in itself. Sports help to tie life into a rhythm. It teaches us to maintain the pace of life.

The Ofg. Principal Deepali Bhuskute said that hard work and honesty are success mantras. She appreciated the teachers and the students for their commendable work in making the Annual Athletic Meet a success. She expressed hope that the athletic meet would become special in the future with the participation and display of sportsmanship spirit.

All the winners of the subsequent races were honored with the medals and certificates.

Saurabh Kumar Pandey of Class IX and Sarika Suman of Class VIII compared the programme. Rakshit Raj of class IX proposed the vote of thanks.


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