Concentration in studies requires a stress-free environment: Gangwar

RNS: A calm state of mind, the ability to unwind, and the will to work hard are all prerequisites for academic success, said A S Gangwar, Principal DPS Bokaro. He was addressing the picnic-cum-meeting function organized for the children of the senior wing in the primary unit of the school on Saturday.

“Children can learn and perform better in study only when they are free from outside distractions, and this requires them to be linked to musical entertainment and other forms of recreation,” he stressed.

The students of DPS, Bokaro relished the Picnic organized in the primary wing campus today. Children of classes IX, X, and XII were enthusiastic to celebrate the picnic after a gap of two years. The campus was beautifully decorated and children enjoyed their best while dancing to the beats of the music. Inter-class games were also organized for the students.

Students enjoyed their day to the fullest and created beautiful memories to be cherished forever. The laughter and joy witnessed amongst the children were beyond words. The picnic was a much-needed break for the students who were in confinement due to the pandemic.

On this occasion, students had a lot of fun with songs music and dance. Apart from this, various sports and recreational competitions were organized, in which everyone participated openly. The children came dressed in the dress of their choice. The children were very excited.

Gangwar applauded the enthusiasm in the students and said, it is nice to see children enjoying themselves. “Such breaks are required so that children can relax to bounce back. Most importantly, the memories they make through these activities will be cherished forever,” he added.


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