US judge fines Donald Trump, his attorneys nearly 1mn $

RNS: A federal judge in the United States has ruled that former President Donald Trump and one of his attorneys must pay a combined penalty of nearly one million dollars for filing a frivolous lawsuit alleging that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attempted to rig the election in 2016. The lawsuit claimed that Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, had attempted to rig the election in 2016.

Donald Middlebrooks, US District Court judge, issued a strong ruling against Trump and his attorney, Alina Habba, for misusing the legal system by filing a baseless lawsuit. The judge said that the lawsuit was filed with the intent of causing harm.

Trump had accused Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee of being involved in racketeering and conspiring against him.

The lawsuit was dismissed in September, and Trump was ordered to pay tens of thousands of dollars in November after one defendant sought sanctions. The recent order came after a group of the remaining defendants, including Clinton, requested sanctions as well.




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