e-Hospital facility launched at Sadar Hospital Bokaro

RNS: Bokaro Sadar Hospital has now become one of Jharkhand’s designated Sadar Hospitals to implement electronic hospital registration. Management at Sadar Hospital in Bokaro has made this possible at the urging of Deputy Commissioner Kuldeep Chaudhary.

Patient registration through the e-Hospital portal has begun under the supervision of Civil Surgeon Bokaro and the Deputy Superintendent of the Hospital. Successful trials of this technology lasted for over two weeks; the administration of the hospital is currently working to standardise this practise.

Now in Sadar Hospital Bokaro, registration of patients coming to OPD is being done through e-hospital portal, its trial was done recently, which was successful, informed DC. “The hospital management has been directed to regularize this system and gradually to provide its facility in other modules of the hospital,” he added.

Patients who use the outpatient department (OPD) via the e-Hospital portal will initially be registered. Later forward, this service will be available in all of the hospital’s units. Patients who visited the outpatient department (OPD) previously had to be registered by hand, informed a hospital authority.

All of the staff members at the hospital’s front desk have been given their own unique ID and password so that they can access the e-hospital portal and do their jobs. He also has prior training in this area.

Patients should be registered on the e-hospital portal by all staff members at the OPD counter; only in the event of technical difficulty or other exceptional scenarios should it be permissible to register patients manually. If the issue can be fixed, the enrolled patients’ data should be entered into the portal the same day. The staff has been instructed to alert the hospital administrator to any issues that arise.

Notably, for the first time in the state, the provision of health facilities was started in RIMS through the e-hospital portal. After that, e-hospital facility was also started in Chatra, Ranchi, Ramgarh, Khunti, Giridih Sadar hospitals, and now Bokaro Sadar Hospital has also joined, informed an official

What is e-Hospital service

E-hospital service is a computer application providing health facilities, with the help of which the hospital is operated. This application has been developed by NIC. Through this, it is easy to manage the lab, medical records and human resource-related records of the hospital. At the same time, the complete record of the patient is also present in the hospital.

Billing and pharmacy management facility also available

Each of e-facilities Hospital’s is linked to a central server in the cloud. This allows for the provision of services such as patient registration, radiology, electronic medical records, laundry service, emergency registration, blood bank management, birth and death registration, telemedicine facility, billing and account services, path laboratory, operation theatre management, pharmacy management, etc. The administration at Sadar Hospital is making plans to secure the continuation of all services.


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