DPS Bokaro student made a special ‘device’, ‘app’ to save lives in road accidents

RNS: Rupesh Kumar, a class 10 student of DPS Bokaro in Jharkhand, has created a device and mobile application called “Rakshak” to get immediate medical help to the accident victims.

Using this system, all hospitals within a one-kilometer radius of the accident site will be notified via phone call and text message as soon as the incident occurs. People who have linked their vehicle to the device and app will be able to monitor their whereabouts and view pertinent information.

In recognition of this particular concept, the India Government has recognised Rupesh with their prestigious Inspire Award. The government has offered him a reward of Rs 10,000 if he finishes his project.

The high rate of road accidents is one of the most significant challenges facing by India. Approximately 1.5 million people are killed in traffic accidents every year in India due to people’s obsession with speed and lack of patience. And about 30 per cent of these people die due to not being able to reach the ambulance at the right time, said Rupesh.

“Rakshak” allows for the prompt dispatch of medical aid to the sight of the accident. Also, not only will hospitals have instant access to patient information, but so will the police and the families of the victims, said Rupesh.

“In addition, those who have registered their vehicles with the aforementioned app will be able to track their whereabouts and access relevant data,” he added.

Explaining about the function of the device and app Rupesh said, MCU (Micro-controller Unit) technology, Sensor, GPS, SIM Card, Acceleration Detector, and AI technology were used to incorporate this device.

“The associated mobile app, stores information like the driver’s name, address, blood group and type, along with family members’ phone numbers all the necessary information is coded into the device in question,” he added.

A unique kind of sensor is used to measure both the vehicle’s speed and the force of the shock. When the driver’s speed goes above the predetermined threshold, the device sounds an alarm and alerts the diver.

And when an accident occurs, however, the sensor reads the velocity of the car and the sudden pressure from the shock on the car and relays that information to the MCU, which then dials the appropriate phone numbers and sends out text messages, informed Rupesh.

This idea came after the death of his father’s friend in a road accident, told Rupesh.  About two years back, an ex-army man who was a friend of his father Ravi Shankar Kumar had died tragically in a road accident.

He might still be alive if the ambulance had arrived sooner, he said.

“This incident inspired me to create such kind of device that could help save the lives of people injured in traffic collisions. Later I discussed this with my guide teacher, Obaidullah Ansari at school and worked on this project with his assistance.

The entire process took me about a month, and the total cost of Rs 1,200, I sourced all of the necessary materials online,” added Rupesh.

Rupesh told, he could scale up his safety device if car manufacturers take action and interest. This also secures all drivers’ data in one place. Additionally, road accident locations will reveal the area’s accident zone.

Dr. A. S. Gangwar, principal of DPS Bokaro, said, many people lose their lives in road accidents due to not reaching the hospital and medical aids in time. The device is built for this purpose has the potential to be extremely useful.

“It is helpful in maintaining control of the vehicle’s speed and arriving at the ambulance at the appropriate time,” he added.




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