DPS Chas observes ‘The School Picnic’ in an exquisite way

RNS: DPS Chas, celebrated ‘The School Picnic’ in an exquisite way as the deck was set and decorated with the theme and mood of fun and frolic.

The day was marked with delicacies and the arena was jubilant with different sports like badminton, throw ball and other outdoor games. Dr. Hemlata S Mohan, Chief Mentor of the school, Suresh Agarwal, Secretary, DS Memorial and Member of DPS, Chas, along with his wife Pushpa Agarwal and the Ofg Principal, Deepali Bhuskute DPS, Chas cut the cake to mark the beginning of the grand occasion.

The students wore colourful bright dresses and geared up for a total celebration. Each clearly enjoyed the day to the fullest. The laughter and joy witnessed amongst the children was something beyond words. The picnic was a much-needed break from the regular schedule of the students in school and the children made the best of the day well spent enjoying, singing, and interacting with each other.

The Chief Mentor, Dr. S Mohan Hemlata, said that the picnic activity was a mood breaker. It gave students the opportunity to come out of the regular and tedious activities of academics. The students were relaxed and learned the virtue of socializing, sharing, and caring. The fun set in the day was a one-time experience that the children would relish for a lifetime.

The Principal talked about the joy and was overwhelmed to see children bursting with laughter and dancing to their hearts. Suresh Agarwal said he was very happy to see the campus vibrating in music, enthusiasm, and dance. He said that this event is a holistic approach to the development of the children.


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