Activity-based Learning at DPS Bokaro

Bokaro : Following the provisions of the NEP 2020,DPS Bokaro implemented activity-based learning to engage students in various hands-on activities. The school has been conducting ‘Bagless Days’ for more than two weeks now, which will end on 28 March. Students and teachers have collaborated to enhance skill-based learning through environmental art, gardening, graphic designing, badminton, football, fireless cooking, guitar and tabla recitals, vocal music, pebble painting, paper craft etc. The students were delighted and danced to the foot-tapping music of Zumba.

Interactive activities such as theatre and debate were also organized to hone the students’ interpersonal skills. To raise awareness about the environment, activities such as gardening, plantation, and best-out-of-waste were also undertaken.

Dr. A. S. Gangwar, Principal, DPS Bokaro, emphasized on the importance of such activities as they not only provide a platform for students to express their talents creatively but also help in retaining the freshness of learning. “When children are involved in the learning process, they tend to learn better. Benjamin Franklin rightly said, ‘Tell me, and I forget, Teach me, and I remember, Involve me, and I learn’, keeping this in view, the school is encouraging maximum participation of students in activity-based learning”, he added.

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