DPS Bokaro organizes Chhau Mask Making workshop

RNS: A Chhau Mask-making workshop was organised in the school to provide students with an opportunity to learn the traditional art form of making Chhau Masks. The workshop was conducted by the two internationally renowned Chhau Mask artists Falguni Sutradhar and Triguni Sutradhar from Purulia.

The workshop was attended by students of Classes IX, X & XII. Instructors demonstrated the process of making Chhau Mask, a cultural heritage of Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand step by step. The students had hands-on learning experience on shaping the mask from square one using different tools to carve the designs and paint the mask using vibrant colours. The instructors shared the beauty and cultural significance of this ancient Indian art form of Chhau Mask making and also shared tips and tricks for making the masks look realistic and lively.

Principal, Dr. A. S. Gangwar said that the workshop was a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about the art of Chhau Mask making.  Children learn better when they roll up their sleeves and experience the subject matter. It also provides a student with the opportunity to make mistakes and learn organically through trial and error.

He added that skill building increases employment opportunities and helps in creating a high-quality future workforce. The workshop was a great way to promote cultural awareness and encourage students to explore their artistic talents.

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