Apple unveils Vision Pro headset with mixed reality settings

RNS: Apple presented ‘Apple Vision Pro’ at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference; the first mixed reality headset features high-resolution displays integrated with EyeSight, which enable users to maintain awareness of their immediate surroundings even while wearing the headset.

The user can control the device with either their eyes or their voices.

Additionally, it comes pre-installed with a variety of sensors and cameras, and it is compatible with both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. Apple’s latest mixed reality headset gets its juice from a battery pack that users must always carry with them.

The new mixed-reality headset has the appearance of a pair of ski goggles. It has a frame made of aluminium and a display made of glass. Additionally, it has a mask that is lined with fabric and a strap that is attached to the wearer’s face.

The apparatus is given its electricity by a separate battery pack, which may be accessed through a cable located on the left side of the apparatus. Apple claims that users may manage the gadget using only their eyes by focusing on various graphical elements displayed on the screen.

To operate items and enter text in fields displayed in front of the wearer’s eyes, users can also control the device by tapping their fingers and using voice commands.

The mixed reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, will be available on and in Apple retail locations in the United States at the beginning of the following year at $3,499 (about Rs. 2,88,700).

When the headset will become accessible in other areas, including India, it is not something that can yet be determined with certainty.

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