ED attaches assets of Manish Sisodia, others in Liquor scam

RNS: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has temporarily seized assets worth over 52 crore rupees related to Aam Adami Party leader Manish Sisodia and others accused in the Delhi Liquor scam case.

The other accused whose properties were seized include Amandeep Singh Dhall, Rajesh Joshi, and Gautam Malhotra.

The ED reports that the seized assets encompass immovable properties worth more than 7.29 crore rupees, belonging to Manish Sisodia, Seema Sisodia, Rajesh Joshi, and Gautam Malhotra.

So far, the ED has seized over 128 crore rupees in this case, with the suspected proceeds from the crime amounting to around one thousand 934 crore rupees.

Concerning the Delhi Liquor scam case, the ED has arrested 12 individuals, and 05 prosecution complaints have been filed. The case continues to be under further investigation.

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