Jamuna House wins inter-house Orchestra Competition

RNS: Jamuna House won the inter-house Orchestra Competition held at DPS Chas during the “Aavirbhav”-2023 Cultural Week. The event took place at DPS Chas in the Bharat Muni – The Assembly Arena, with the presence of Patron Suresh Agarwal, Secretary of DS Memorial Society, Chas Bokaro, and Officiating Principal Deepali Bhuskute, along with Jose Thomas Dean Academics of DPS Chas.

The competition was judged by notable artists Abhishek Choudhary from GGPS Chas, Ranju Singh from ICCR, and Jagdish Babla, a Films & Modern Music Composer and former Cultural Secretary of Sanskar Bharti Boakro.

Following the card and sapling presentation and the Principal’s welcome, the orchestra performances on Western Music began, with participation from the houses Ganga, Jamuna, Chenab, and Sutlej. The performances of each house wowed the crowd, which included hundreds of students and instructors.

The competition aimed to give youngsters a creative avenue to express themselves and develop their artistic skills while also exposing them to and enjoying various types of music. The evaluators appreciated the youngsters’ presentations for their coordination and talent.

With their exemplary performances, Jamuna House secured the first position, followed by Ganga House in second place, Sutlej House in third, and Chenab House in fourth.

Dr Hemlata S. Mohan, the school’s Chief Mentor, expressed that the event was a fantastic opportunity to generate interest in percussion among the kids. She noted that western culture has captivated the youth, and world music is bringing young people together.

Officiating Principal Deepali Bhuskute commended the hard work of students and staff and encouraged the children to learn at least one musical instrument as it can help in relaxation and personality development.

Suresh Agarwal, Secretary of the DS Memorial Society of Chas Bokaro, expressed happiness and praised the diversity of the pupils. Ishika Kashyap and Tanushree Hansda hosted the show, while Head Boy Anuj Kumar delivered the vote of thanks.

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