Vikram lander “deboosted” successfully; LM health is normal

RNS: In a significant step forward for India’s lunar exploration program, the Chandrayaan-3 mission achieved a key milestone as the lander module, Vikram, carrying the Pragyan rover, successfully completed a crucial deboost manoeuvre on Friday (18 August 2023).

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) mission control crew in Bengaluru, India, performed the move flawlessly.

The Lander module was separated from the Propulsion Module of the Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft yesterday and is now in orbit ranging from 113 to 157 kilometres orbit after a successful deboosting operation.

To put Vikram in an orbit around the moon from which it can try to land, “deboosting” is a crucial step of slowing down.

“Vikram Lander Module of Chandrayaan 3 successfully completed a ‘deboosting’ operation that reduced its orbit to 113 km x 157 km, on Friday,” ISRO said on X.

In a tweet, ISRO said that the Lander Module health is normal. The second deboosting operation of Lander is scheduled for the day after tomorrow on August 20th at around 0200 hrs.

The de-boosting manoeuvre will continue until the Lander is closest to the Moon, at which point attempts will be made to soft-land on the Moon’s surface on 23 August.

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