Bodhi – The Enlightenment : A Literary Extravaganza concludes at DPS Bokaro

Bokaro: In a celebration of literature and eloquence, DPS Bokaro hosted the three-day literary event, “Bodhi – The Enlightenment,”. The event encompassed a series of stimulating activities. As the literary extravaganza culminated, it was evident that it illuminated the minds, igniting a passion for intellectual exploration.

The fest, aimed to foster the art of effective communication. The English and Hindi debates witnessed fierce yet eloquent exchanges of ideas, with students showcasing their analytical skills and persuasive abilities, while in the Spelling Competition, participants demonstrated their linguistic prowess, spelling words with accuracy and flair, captivating the audience.

In the Inter House English Debate Competition on the topic ‘Rapid digitalization is leading to lighting fast spread of disinformation’, Shreshtha Rupam Dwivedi of Jhelum bagged the first position, followed by Samridhi Pratap Dubey of Chenab and Deblina Banerjee on the second and Liza Singh of Jamuna on the third position.

In the Inter-House Hindi Debate Competition on the topic: “Kritrim Boudhik Kshamta ka Vikash- Vardan ya Abhishap”, Akshara Roy Sharma of Sutlej and Yash Gaurav of Jhelum clinched the first position while Harshita Singh of Jamuna secured the second position. Prapti of Chenab and Prithvi Raj Chauhan of Raavi House shared the third position.

In the Inter-House Spelling Competition, Sutlej bagged first, while Chenab and Ganga shared second positions. Raavi was in the third position.

Dr A.S. Gangwar, Principal, DPS Bokaro, emphasized that the fest served as an arena for participants to showcase their prowess in articulation, substantiation and innovation, promoting literary and intellectual growth. It also helped groom well-rounded individuals, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to excel in a world that values substance and style. It was an event celebrating the power of words and ideas, leaving an indomitable impression on all,” he added.

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