“Better to live by begging than to take bribes”

RNS: Under the aegis of the Government of India’s PIDPI program, a music event was organized today by the Vigilance Department of Chandrapura Thermal Power Station (CTPS), a unit of the Damodar Valle Corporation (DVC) at Chandrapura in Bokaro district on Thursday.

In the musical program, students from the local Central School and Dinobli College captivated the audience by singing songs related to a corruption-free India. This event marked the culmination of the three-month-long awareness campaign, “Corruption Awareness Week 2023,” which is being held from 16 August to 15 November.

During the program, school students conveyed powerful messages through their music, such as “Better to live by begging than to take bribes” and “Our parents educated us to become officers; today, it feels like we committed a great sin,” aiming to instill a sense of vigilance and anti-corruption sentiment among officials and employees.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Superintendent and Project Head Sunil Kumar Pandey commended the music of the students and their mentors, emphasizing its significance. He urged people to understand that some individuals lead a life of deprivation, consuming less to sustain themselves, while corrupt individuals continue to exploit them. He stressed that there can be no greater tragedy than this.

He reiterated the call to eradicate corruption, stating that a corruption-free India is the collective resolve of all. The Government of India, under the PIDPI program, has succeeded in raising awareness among the people.

He emphasized the importance of everyone coming together to pledge for a corruption-free India.

The program was attended by senior officials including Rampravesh Shah, Chief Superintendent, P.K. Mishra, Chief Superintendent, T.T. Das, Administrative Officer, K.K. Singh, Deputy Superintendent, Manavendra Priyadarshi, Dilip Kumar, Mahavir Thakur, Dr Paramveer Kumar, Vigilance Officer Rajkumar Chaudhary, Akshay Kumar, Suman Kumar including others.

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