G20 Summit: World leaders visit Delhi’s Rajghat, pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

RNS: Amidst the proceedings of the G20 Summit hosted in India, world leaders gathered on Sunday at Delhi’s historic Rajghat to pay their heartfelt homage to Mahatma Gandhi, commemorating his enduring legacy of non-violence and unity. The solemn tribute preceded another day of deliberations during this pivotal global meet.

Taking to social media, Arindam Bagchi, the spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, shared a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), encapsulating the profound significance of Rajghat: “Rajghat, a place where silence speaks volumes and unity blossoms at its core! The G20 Heads of Delegations gathered at Rajghat today to pay a solemn tribute to Bapu. The ideals of Mahatma Gandhi harmonize us as a global community.”

The initial day of the G20 Summit witnessed the unveiling of several key initiatives, each addressing pressing global challenges. Notable among them was the commitment to bridge the “global trust deficit,” emphasizing the urgency of restoring trust among nations.

Additionally, the launch of the Global Biofuel Alliance marked a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions. Furthermore, the inauguration of new connectivity networks linking the United States, India, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf states showcased the collaborative spirit of international diplomacy.

An integral outcome of the G20 Summit’s first day was the unanimous adoption of the Delhi Declaration. This comprehensive document underscores the importance of upholding territorial integrity and international humanitarian law as vital components for preserving global peace and stability.

The declaration resounded with a call to action, urging all nations to adhere to fundamental principles of international law, including respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty, the promotion of international humanitarian law, and the continued support of the multilateral system that safeguards global harmony and equilibrium.

The leaders, as outlined in the Declaration, endorsed three high-level principles to combat corruption effectively. These principles encompass strengthening international cooperation and information sharing among law enforcement agencies to combat corruption, enhancing mechanisms for asset recovery in the fight against corruption, and promoting the integrity and effectiveness of public bodies and authorities tasked with preventing and countering corruption.

As the G20 Summit progresses, it remains a forum where leaders from diverse nations converge to address shared global challenges, guided by the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and the principles of unity, trust, and cooperation.

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