IIT-ISM Faculty, Scholars Explain Complex Science in 3D for Rural School Students

RNS: In a remarkable endeavor to bridge the gap in science education, faculty members and research scholars from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), or IIT (ISM), have embarked on a mission to elucidate intricate scientific concepts for students in remote rural schools.

Utilizing cutting-edge 3D modeling and projection equipment, these academic experts have successfully translated complex molecular structures, geological formations, and astronomical phenomena into easily comprehensible lessons.

The latest chapter of this educational initiative unfolded today at the Upgraded Middle School, Parbatpur, situated approximately 25 kilometers from ISM Dhanbad. Tribal students from this remote educational institution were the fortunate beneficiaries of this immersive educational experience.

Led by the dynamic Professor Rashmi Singh, Assistant Professor of the Department of Management Studies & Industrial Engineering at IIT (ISM), a dedicated team of educators and researchers conducted a special session at the Upgraded Middle School. The event drew participation from approximately 180 students, as well as three teachers and support staff.

The session encompassed a multifaceted approach, as Professor Singh explained, “Besides elucidating the molecular structures of various compounds and unraveling geological formations and astronomical wonders, we also endeavored to address the students’ questions regarding the fundamentals of geometry.”

Professor Singh is also the Principal Investigator of a Department of Science and Technology-sponsored project titled “Motivate School Students and Teachers concerning the relevance of Science & Technology through Innovative Communication Techniques,” which served as the framework for this enlightening workshop.

This event marked the 17th workshop in the ongoing project series, which commenced last year. It was the second workshop of its kind where 3D techniques were employed to simplify the complexities of science and mathematics. Previously, puppetry had been used as an innovative tool to introduce students to the significance of science and technology, as elucidated by Niladri Das, Associate Professor of the Department of Management Studies, who also served as an invited speaker during the workshop.

Speaking about the pivotal role of 3D techniques in simplifying scientific concepts, Professor Das emphasized, “The role of 3D techniques in explaining scientific concepts is pivotal as it offers visualization that is more penetrative and engaging.” He further underscored how it encourages learners to bolster their analytical and critical thinking abilities.

Deep Narayan Rai, the Principal of Upgraded Middle School, expressed his gratitude and shared his observations from the workshop. “The workshop conducted today motivated our students, the majority of whom are tribals, and stimulated and encouraged them to explore, innovate, and experiment,” he said. He also pointed out that the effectiveness of 3D techniques allows students to visually and tangibly experiment with various mathematical and scientific concepts.

Priya Kishku, a 14-year-old Class VIII student, shared her enthusiasm for the workshop, stating, “Many of the topics that remained unclear in the classroom were clarified with great ease during the workshop.” She particularly highlighted her keen interest in geological formations, which were vividly explained during the session.

This remarkable initiative by IIT (ISM) serves as a shining example of how innovative educational techniques can make complex subjects accessible to students in remote and underserved areas, inspiring them to embrace the wonders of science and technology.

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