DGP holds review meeting on Crime Control, Naxal Challenges

RNS: In an effort to strengthen law enforcement and address pressing issues related to crime control and Naxal activities in the state, a high-level review meeting of the Jharkhand Police was convened today at Bokaro residence.

The meeting was presided over by Jharkhand’s Director-General of Police (DGP), Ajay Kumar Singh, and included senior police officials from various departments.

The meeting saw DGP of Jharkhand, leading discussions and deliberations on various strategies and initiatives aimed at curbing criminal activities and maintaining law and order effectively across the state.

The focus of the meeting was on assessing the current state of affairs, devising new approaches, and evaluating ongoing efforts to combat crime.

Several top-ranking police officials were present at the meeting, reflecting a collaborative effort to tackle the challenges posed by organized crime and Naxalism. Among the key participants were Murari Lal Meena, Additional DGP (Headquarters); Sanjay Anand Rao Lathkar, Additional DGP (Operations); Priya Dubey, Additional DGP (Modernization and Training); Manoj Kaushik, Police Inspector General (Headquarters); Akhilesh Jha, Police Inspector General (Human Rights); Amol Vinukant Homkar, Police Inspector General (Operations); Prabhat Kumar, Police Inspector General (Special Branch); A. Vijayalakshmi, Police Deputy Inspector General (Personnel); Shams Tabrez, Police Deputy Inspector General (Budget); Mayur Kanhaiyalal Patel, Police Deputy Inspector General (Koylanchal, Bokaro); Sanjeev Kumar Verma, Police Superintendent (Dhanbad); Priyadarshi Alok, Police Superintendent (Bokaro); Purushottam Kumar, Assistant Superintendent of Police (Chas); and Vishisht Narayan Singh, Assistant Superintendent of Police (Baghmara, Bokaro), along with several other senior police officers from different regions.

The discussions during the meeting encompassed a range of issues, including improving the efficiency of law enforcement, enhancing police capabilities, strengthening intelligence gathering, and boosting coordination among various units to counter Naxal activities effectively.

The Jharkhand Police continue to prioritize the safety and security of the state’s residents, and meetings such as these underscore the commitment of law enforcement agencies to tackle emerging challenges and maintain a peaceful environment in the region.

As the deliberations continue, it is expected that new strategies and measures will be implemented to address the evolving dynamics of crime control and Naxalism in the state.

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