DVC dedicated to growth of the country, society: Thakur

RNS: In an unwavering commitment to contribute to the advancement of the nation and society through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, the Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) remains steadfast in its commitment.

Manoj Kumar Thakur, Senior General Manager and Project Head, reaffirmed the DVC’s dedication to fostering comprehensive development during his address at the Rural Development Advisory Committee meeting convened today.

The meeting of the Rural Development Advisory Committee of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Damodar Valley Corporation, Chandrapur Thermal Power Station was held today in the guest house here.

Speaking on the occasion, Thakur, underscored the paramount importance of sectoral development, drawing a parallel between the pivotal role of power generation and the nation’s overall growth. He eloquently articulated, “The development of this sector is as crucial as the electricity that powers our plants; it stands as the cornerstone of our nation-building endeavors.”

In the course of the meeting, Thakur made it clear that DVC would conduct a thorough evaluation of its past CSR Department initiatives in the Chandrapura region. He laid emphasis on issuing directives to relevant officers for the implementation of fresh projects aimed at enhancing the well-being of the community.

“The corporation is fully prepared to drive progress in this region under any circumstances,” Thakur assured.

Deputy General Manager of Administration, TT Das, seized the opportunity to announce DVC’s unwavering commitment to enriching the Bokaro District Library’s resources. The library, a government and district administration establishment, is set to receive an extensive collection of books, further affirming DVC’s dedication to the cause.

Das added, “The leadership of DVC is wholeheartedly committed to bolstering CSR-driven development initiatives in the region.” Manager Pramod Kumar Jha provided insights into past CSR-driven projects in the area and outlined forthcoming endeavors.

The meeting witnessed active participation from several prominent community leaders and officials, including District Council member Neetu Singh, Ajay Kumar Mahato, Block Chief Chandni Parveen, Deputy Chief Rinki Kumari, Block Development Officer Renu Vala, MP representative Vigan Mahato, MLA representative Jaddu Mahato, Manager Pramod Kumar Jha, and Badal Mohali, among others. Their collective input shed light on the region’s development prospects.

Beside others Akshay Kumar, Kanchan Asmita Toppo, Prafullu Bhandari, Fakhruddin, Baldev Mahato, and other prominent community members were present there.

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