Hindi is the pride of the nation; let it reach everyone: Thakur

RNS: The Hindi Fortnight program, organized under the auspices of the Damodar Valley Corporation, Chandrapur Thermal Power Station Management, and the Official Language Department, successfully concluded today with a ceremony held at Unit 7-8’s conference room.

This event celebrated the significance of the Hindi language and its role in the cultural and economic development of the nation. Dignitaries, including Senior General Manager and Project Head Manoj Kumar Thakur, Senior General Manager Operations Rampravesh Shah, Deputy General Manager Administration TT Das, and Deputy General Manager Dr KP Singh, were present to recognize and award the participants of various competitions held during the program.

Addressing the gathering, Senior General Manager and Project Head Manoj Kumar Thakur emphasized the pride associated with the Hindi language, dubbing it the pride of the nation.

He urged everyone to play their part in ensuring Hindi’s widespread adoption, stating that incorporating Hindi into our daily lives would contribute to the nation’s economic independence. He underlined that while India had achieved political independence, pursuing financial freedom by promoting Hindi was crucial.

Thakur expressed his conviction that the Hindi-speaking populace shoulders a significant responsibility in propagating the language, as India’s journey to holistic development would remain incomplete without preserving its language and culture.

Speaking on the occasion, Senior General Manager Operations Rampravesh Shah, pointed out that many developed nations worldwide had made substantial progress by embracing their native language and culture. He encouraged attendees to have faith that, by embracing Hindi in India, the country could also aspire to join the ranks of developed nations. Shah stressed the importance of promoting the practical use of Hindi, particularly among children, and highlighted Hindi’s simplicity and its ability to encompass various regional languages, making it an ideal choice for communication in various spheres of life.

The ceremony also saw the presence of participants and awardees, including Kiran Srivastava, Laxmi Narayan Sahu, Animesh Giri, Ramji Rajak, Kartik Kumar Mahato, Pintu Kumar, Mohammad Shahid Imam, Ravi Ranjan Singh, Jayant Sarkar, Vasant Kumar Mahapatra, among others; were recognized and honoured for their contributions to the Hindi Fortnight program.

The event was skillfully conducted by Ravi Sinha, with the presence of dignitaries such as Sanjeev Kumar, making it a memorable occasion.

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