SAIL’s BSL achieves remarkable milestones in H1 FY & September 2023

RNS: Bokaro- Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) has set new records in both the first half of the current financial year and the month of September 2023, showcasing a significant enhancement in its performance across several key techno-economic parameters, including production and dispatch.

In September 2023, BSL achieved remarkable milestones, including reaching 100% of the target in oven-pushing, 106% of the target in Sinter Production, and an impressive 106% of the target in SMS-2 & CCS (Crude Steel Production). The month also saw the achievement of 101% of the target production in HR Plate/Sheet and CRM, and an astounding 113% of the target in BAFF (U/L). Moreover, new monthly production records were established in September, with CR salable production (CRM-3) totalling 73,221 tonnes, road dispatching of 11,516 tonnes of salable steel, and specific power consumption at an efficient 380 kWh per TSS in techno-economic parameters. Additionally, a new daily record of 1,216 tonnes of CDI injection in the blast furnace was set in September 2023.

BSL’s exceptional performance extends beyond a single month, as the first half of the current financial year witnessed a series of new records. These achievements include the production of 2,297,290 tonnes of hot metal (from four furnace operations), 2,084,404 tonnes of crude steel production, 401,158 tonnes of production from SMS-New, 2,012,159 tonnes of salable steel production, 2,017,258 tonnes of dispatch, and 961,738 tonnes of granulated slag dispatch from four furnace operations. These figures represent the best performance for the first half (H1) period since the establishment of Bokaro Steel Plant.

Executive Director (Operations) Birendra Kumar Tiwari, along with other senior officials, extended their heartfelt congratulations to Team BSL for these remarkable accomplishments. They encouraged the continuation of this streak of excellence, highlighting the plant’s dedication to achieving new heights in the steel industry.

BSL’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement positions it as a frontrunner in the steel manufacturing sector, setting a benchmark for others to follow.

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