Chinmay Vidyalaya Student Wins International Painting Olympics

RSN: Prasanna Prabhakar, a student of Chinmay Vidyalaya, has achieved a remarkable feat by clinching the first position in the International Painting Olympics 2023, bringing immense pride not only to the school but also to the entire state. In the junior category of this prestigious competition held on August 7th, Prasanna Prabhakar emerged as the undisputed champion on the international stage.

The triumphant performance didn’t stop there, as two more students from Chinmay Vidyalaya distinguished themselves by securing places in the top 10 positions within their respective categories. Ayushi Thakur, a talented student from class 7, showcased her artistic prowess, earning a well-deserved spot among the top 10 participants. Similarly, Rajat Ritwik, a dedicated student from class 12, demonstrated his exceptional skills and also secured a position in the coveted top 10 ranks.

In recognition of their outstanding achievements, all the winners were presented with medals and citations, symbolizing their exceptional talent and dedication to the world of art. The school is currently basking in an atmosphere of jubilation and pride due to the exceptional performance of these talented students.

Taking the opportunity to honor the students during a special ceremony, School Secretary Mahesh Tripathi underscored the importance of nurturing children’s holistic development by supporting and encouraging them in all fields. He also commended the hard work and dedication of teacher Soma Roy in guiding and nurturing the students.

Principal Suraj Sharma of Chinmay Vidyalaya reiterated the school’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing the latent talents of its students. He expressed his joy and satisfaction over the exceptional performance of the students and extended his heartfelt wishes for their bright futures.

Sharma emphasized that Chinmay Vidyalaya not only produces exemplary future bureaucrats but also prepares students to serve society in various fields, whether in science or art.

The school’s President, Vishwaroop Mukhopadhyay, and School Secretary Mahesh Tripathi, joined by Principal Suresh Sharma, extended their warmest congratulations to all the winners, applauding their incredible success and wishing them continued success and brilliance in their future endeavors.

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