“Where women are honoured, gods reside”: Dr Hemlata

Bokaro: Delhi Public School Chas marked the auspicious occasion of Navratri with a special prayer gathering and a vibrant cultural program on Thursday. The event centred around poetic tributes and hymns dedicated to the divine Maa Durga. The audience was captivated by mesmerizing cultural dance performances, and a spirited group dance rendition of “Jai Maa Durga” had everyone joining in the joyous celebration.

Dr. Hemlata S. Mohan, the esteemed Chief Mentor of the school, conveyed a profound message, invoking the Sanskrit adage, “Yatra Naryastu Pujyanate, Ramante Tatra Devata,” which translates to, “Where women are respected, there the gods reside.”

Dr. Mohan passionately urged everyone to support women’s rights and advocate for gender equality actively.

Naveen Kumar Sharma, the director of the school, seized the moment to inspire students to harness the boundless energy of Maa Durga and employ it to dismantle their inner negativity in pursuit of building a more harmonious world. He underscored that this devotion constitutes the true essence of maternal worship.

In her Navratri address, Acting Principal Deepali Bhuskute encouraged students to revere the goddess and gain a profound appreciation for the power of women. She implored everyone to utilize the nine days of Navratri as an opportunity for self-improvement by shedding one negative trait each day, ensuring they emerge triumphant over their inner demons and embrace the festival of Vijayadashami with unbridled enthusiasm.

The program culminated with the melodious strains of the national anthem, leaving an indelible message of reverence for women, empowerment, and the spirit of Navratri resonating with all in attendance.

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