Boris Johnson, ex-PM, UK is now a TV presenter at news channel

RNS: Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced his forthcoming role as a television presenter at GB News, taking on yet another media venture in addition to his current position as a columnist for the Daily Mail newspaper.

In an official statement released on Friday, Boris Johnson expressed his enthusiasm for the new opportunity, stating, “I’m going to be giving this remarkable new TV channel my unvarnished views on everything from Russia to China, the war in Ukraine, how we meet all those challenges, to the huge opportunities that lie ahead for us.”

GB News, a news channel known for its distinctive blend of news, opinion, and analysis, similar in style to US networks like Fox News, confirmed that Boris Johnson would assume the role of presenter, programme maker, and commentator, commencing his duties in early 2024.

One of his primary responsibilities at GB News will be to cover the upcoming national election in Britain, expected to take place next year. Additionally, Boris Johnson will lend his expertise to reporting on elections in the United States, underlining the channel’s commitment to comprehensive political coverage.

Since its launch in 2021, GB News has been a subject of scrutiny, particularly concerning impartiality. Britain’s broadcasting watchdog has issued rulings on various occasions, citing instances where the station breached impartiality rules.

Boris Johnson’s foray into television hosting marks a significant transition in his career, as he steps into the world of media with the aim of providing viewers with his unfiltered insights on pressing global issues. His contributions to GB News are highly anticipated as the channel continues to establish itself as a prominent player in the media landscape.

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