Vigilance Awareness Week ends with a call to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s path

Bokaro: The Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), Chandrapura Thermal Power Station Management, and Vigilance Department’s Vigilance Awareness Week program came to a successful conclusion today.

The event witnessed the participation of senior executives, including Senior General Manager and Project Head Manoj Kumar Thakur, General Manager PK Mishra, and Deputy General Manager Administration TT Das.

They awarded gifts and certificates to the victorious participants of various competitions held during the programme, highlighting the importance of vigilance and ethical conduct in public service.

Addressing the gathering during the event, Senior General Manager and Project Head Manoj Kumar Thakur underscored the significance of vigilance awareness. He emphasized that vigilance awareness transcends merely adhering to rules and regulations; it involves working in harmony with the constitutional framework. Thakur invoked the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, and called upon everyone to unite in striving for the nation’s progress.

He stressed the need to leave behind a robust India for future generations. Thakur also urged the officers, employees, and staff of DVC to play their pivotal roles in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. Recognising the pivotal role of school students in shaping the nation’s future, he urged all to embrace a sense of duty and contribute to building a stronger India.

General Manager PK Mishra extended his congratulations to all the competition participants. He underscored the moral responsibility of every individual to work together in accordance with the Constitution of India. The ceremony also included the honouring of Deputy General Manager Administration TT Das, Deputy General Manager KK Singh, and Deputy General Manager KM Priyadarshi for their contributions.

Vigilance Officer Rajkumar Choudhary presided over the event and expressed gratitude on behalf of the organisers. Among others, Senior Manager Dilip Kumar Ranjit Choubey attended the ceremony.

The winners of various competitions, including Ramji Rajak, Basant Kumar Mohapatra, Akshay Kumar, PC Mahato, Aditi Singh, Sneha Biswas, Pushpa Kumari, Sneha Raj, Avika Singh, Shreya Pathak, Sumbul Afrin, Monu Kumar, and Neha Kumari, were bestowed with the title of “Vigilance Champions” and were honoured by Senior General Manager Manoj Kumar Thakur, General Manager PK Mishra, and Deputy General Manager Administration TT Das.

The Vigilance Awareness Week programme served as a platform to reinforce the importance of ethical conduct and adherence to the principles enshrined in the Constitution of India, urging all citizens to follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi in their pursuit of a stronger and more vigilant India.

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