Teachers unite to demand MACP benefits; a delegation soon to meet Education Secretary.

Ranchi: In a resounding show of solidarity, teacher representatives from all categories of schools in the state of Jharkhand, including primary, secondary, and higher secondary, gathered at the office of the District Education Officer in Ranchi today. The meeting was organized in response to the call of the MACP Sangharsh Morcha, and it marked a pivotal moment in the ongoing effort to secure MACP benefits for Jharkhand teachers, aligning their benefits with those of Bihar’s state employees and teachers.

Officials from various teacher associations across the state pledged their unwavering commitment to pursue this crucial cause. The attendees agreed to actively engage with government officials, including the state’s leader, Chief Minister, Assembly Speaker, Attention Committee Chairman, and Assembly members, in a concerted effort to make their voices heard.

In a significant development, a 21-member committee comprising active primary, secondary, and higher secondary teacher representatives is scheduled to meet with the Secretary of the School Education and Literacy Department on November 23, 2023. The primary objective of this meeting is to strongly advocate for implementing the MACP scheme in Jharkhand.

Notable individuals who have tirelessly championed this cause in the past, such as Ravindra Kumar Singh, Amarnath Jha, Amin Ahmed, Arun Kumar Das, Ashutosh Kumar, Vaidyanath Singh, Dinanath Ji, and Ramkumar Jha, continue to play instrumental roles in the ongoing efforts.

Under the banner of the Sangharsh Morcha, a multitude of dedicated educators, including Amarnath Jha, Ganga Prasad Yadav, Narendra Kumar Yadav, Babulal Jha, Amin Ahmed, Arun Kumar Das, Mukesh Kumar Singh, Ramsevak Tiwari, Ajay Kumar, Devendra Kumar Chaudhary, Rakesh Kumar, Rameshwar Seth, Anil Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Anand Kumar Minj, Kanhaiya Thakur, Shailendra Kumar Jha, Maqsood Zafar Hadi, Mohammad Fakhruddin, Sameer Srivastava, Rakesh Srivastava, Shailendra Kumar Jha, Kanhaiya Thakur, Vijendra Kumar Choubey, Rajesh Oraon, Yogendra Tiwari, Ajay Kumar Gupta, Premchand Bedia, Shamshad Alam, Ramsevak Tiwari, Vijay Kumar, Maqsood Zafar Hadi, Sumit Kumar, Shailesh Mishra, Vivek Kumar, Prem Sahu, Nakul Singh, Ramkishore Kashi, Safdar Imam, Umesh Kumar Mahato, Sanjeev Thakur, Anand Kumar Minj, Anil Kumar, Rameshwar Seth, Mukesh Kumar Singh, Madhumita Kumari, Rakesh Kumar, Devendra Kumar Choudhary, Ajay Kumar, and representatives from various teacher organizations within the state, made their presence felt at the gathering, underscoring the urgency and significance of their collective mission.

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