Dr Jaideep to be honoured with “Highest Sports Award”

RNS: The state of Jharkhand has made significant strides in the sport of volleyball, gaining recognition both nationally and internationally in the recent past. This achievement is attributed to the state’s consistent dedication and rigorous efforts in the sport, marking a notable evolution in its athletic profile.”

“The Mongia National Volleyball Academy has reached a significant landmark, being shortlisted for the esteemed Jaipal Singh Munda Award 2023. Additionally, Dr Jaideep Sarkar, the head coach of the Indian men’s volleyball team, is recognized for his exceptional leadership during the Guangzhou Asian Games 2023. His efforts have earned him a nomination for the prestigious “Jaipal Singh Munda Lifetime Achievement Award-2023.”

Recognizing his exceptional contributions, Dr Jaideep will be honored with the “Jaipal Singh Munda Award  (lifetime)” in acknowledgment of his outstanding achievements in the field of volleyball at the international level, informed Ritesh Oraon, the founder of Umeead Foundation.

Every year, on 3 January 2024, coinciding with the birth anniversary of the legendary magician Marang Gomke Jaipal Singh Munda, the Umeed Foundation orchestrates the “Jaipal Singh Munda Award.”

This prestigious accolade is bestowed upon players, coaches, and sports-related organizations, both from Jharkhand and beyond, in recognition of their exemplary and stellar performances in the arena of sports at the national and international levels, he said.

The grand award ceremony is scheduled to take place at CMPDI, Mayuri Hall, on 3 January 2024, where these exceptional individuals and organizations will be honored for their remarkable contributions to the world of volleyball and sports in general.

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