Olympic research team led by Dr. Jaideep earns accreditation for empowering Olympic movement

by Ashis Sinha

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially accredited the groundbreaking research conducted by Dr. Jaideep Sarkar’s team, marking a historic milestone in Indian sports expertise gaining international recognition.

The research abstract, which delved into the vibrant aspects of the Olympic Movement, was submitted following extensive brainstorming sessions during a pivotal conference held in Olympia in June 2023.

Dr. Jaideep, a prominent sports expert from India, led the team of eight international delegates, representing diverse countries and Olympic communities.

The esteemed delegation included Vania Yordonova from Bulgaria, Wang Ying and Zhou Longfeng from China, Jerome Flammier from France, Maryna Khorkova from Poland, Dr. Cheerese Jones Couto from South Africa, and Yi-Jen Yang from Chinese Taipei.

Dr. Stephan Wassong from Germany and Associate Professor Colleen English from the USA served as coordinators for the research assignment.

Dr. Jaideep’s selection by the International Pierre De Coubertin Committee (CIPC) of the IOC for this exceptional recognition by the highest authorities underscores his pioneering contributions to the world of sports.

Notably, Dr. Jaideep later assumed the role of Chief Coach for the Indian Men’s Volleyball Team, leading them to a remarkable performance at the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2023.

This historic moment marks the first time that the influential voice of an Indian sports expert has been seriously considered for IOC publications, further solidifying India’s presence on the global sports stage.

In response to this significant achievement, Dr. Jaideep expressed his gratitude to all the stakeholders involved, emphasizing the rarity and purposeful nature of this feat. The accreditation of their research work stands as a testament to the team’s dedication to empowering the Olympic Movement and advancing the field of sports worldwide.

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