Now jet fuel from alcohol in Pune

# Historic Inauguration of Pune’s Alcohol-to-Jet Fuel Pilot Project: A Leap Towards Sustainable Aviation

RNS: In a groundbreaking development that promises to revolutionise the aviation industry, Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Hardeep Singh Puri inaugurated the first-ever pilot technology project aimed at producing jet fuel from alcohol.

This pioneering endeavour, unveiled in Pune, marks a significant step towards sustainable aviation with the production of biological aviation fuel, commonly known as SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel).

The pilot project has been strategically established within the research and development department of Praj Udyog Group, located in the sprawling Pirangut Industrial Estate near Pune. Pramod Chaudhary, President of Praj, along with esteemed officials from Indian Oil and other leading oil companies, graced the inauguration ceremony with their presence.

Speaking on the occasion, Puri emphasised the global demand for bio-aviation fuel and the formidable challenge of securing the essential raw materials for its production. He underscored that countries worldwide hold high expectations for India’s contributions to the biofuel arena.

The minister went on to extend his heartfelt congratulations to the engineers at Praj Udyog Group for pioneering this project in India ahead of Brazil, expressing unwavering confidence that this initiative will set a global precedent.

Following the inauguration, Puri, accompanied by other dignitaries, conducted a comprehensive inspection of the project. Their visit left them thoroughly impressed with the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology, signifying a promising future for this innovative venture.

Notably, a flight from Pune to Delhi was successfully completed last year using bioaviation fuel derived from alcohol.

Puri personally welcomed the flight upon its arrival at Delhi airport, underscoring the significance of this sustainable breakthrough. As the biofuel production industry gains momentum, it presents tremendous growth potential. Even if just one percent of India’s total aviation fuel consumption is blended with sustainable bio-aviation fuel, the annual demand for at least 14 crore litres of biofuel will be generated, solidifying its role as a game-changer in the aviation sector.

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