Major Jewel Heist: Darbhanga Maharaj’s diamonds & gems missing from SBI locker

RNS I Darbhanga: In a shocking turn of events, a trove of diamonds and jewels belonging to the revered Darbhanga Maharaj, valued at crores of rupees, has gone missing from a secured SBI locker.

The grandson of Darbhanga Maharaj, Kumar Kapileshrav Singh, promptly reported the audacious theft to the local university police.

The FIR lodged in response to the incident points the finger at two key figures within the Maharaj’s inner circle – Udaynath and Vishnu Kumar Jha, the trust managers responsible for overseeing the invaluable collection. It is alleged that the duo surreptitiously stashed gems sourced from 108 temples within the confines of an SBI locker.

The sheer magnitude of the stolen diamonds and gems is staggering, amounting to billions of rupees.

A rapid response by law enforcement led to the immediate apprehension of both trust managers, who eventually confessed to their involvement in the heist. Acting on the information provided by the culprits, police executed a raid on a prominent jewelry businessman, successfully recovering a substantial quantity of the ill-gotten treasures. The jeweler was taken into custody without delay.

Amit Kumar, Darbhanga Sadar Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), addressed the media, revealing that Kumar Kapileshwar Singh was quick to report the theft of crores of rupees worth of diamonds and stones from the bank locker. In a swift operation, the police arrested the two Darbhanga Maharaj managers, who played a pivotal role in the theft. Their cooperation led to the identification and arrest of the jeweler in possession of the stolen jewels. An exhaustive and ongoing police investigation is now underway to determine the full extent of the conspiracy and recover the remaining treasures.

Media sources have also learned that Kumar Kapileshwar Singh informed investigators that the trust had safeguarded jewelry from 108 temples in the SBI bank locker. Initial findings indicate the disappearance of an astonishing amount of wealth in jewelry, which prompted Singh to confront the trust’s managers, leading to their eventual confession, including that of Udayanath Jha. The university police station has been actively pursuing the case and is diligently investigating both accused individuals.

The shocking robbery of such priceless treasures has sent shockwaves throughout the region, and authorities are committed to bringing all those responsible to justice.


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