ESL Steel Limited hosts ‘Art Competition’ despite inclement weather

Bokaro: Despite challenging weather conditions, around 250 enthusiastic participants showcased their artistic talents at the Art Competition organized by ESL Steel Limited at Babugram Village.

ESL Steel Limited, a Vedanta Group Company and India’s largest integrated steel production, maintains a steadfast commitment to community development. The company places a high priority on the well-being of the community and actively supports educational initiatives.

The event saw the participation of students from various educational institutions, including Project Prerna Centres and Classes, Primary School Babugram, Primary School Bandhdih, Primary School Salgatard, Middle School Yogidih, and Middle & Primary School Siyaljori, among others. The aim was to nurture students’ artistic abilities, foster creativity, and enhance their self-confidence.

The dignitaries, parents, teachers, and guardians, including Prem Chand Mahto, Principal of Upper Middle School Siyaljori; Shailendra Shekhar, Sarpanch of Nayaban Panchayat; Rafiq Alam Ansari, Sarpanch of Chandaha Panchyat; Pankaj Shekhar, Social Worker; and Village Representatives Mahendra Shekhar and Rupesh Shekhar, were present to witness the event and were deeply moved by the enthusiasm and talent displayed by the participants.

Ashish Ranjan, Head of CSR, ER & PR at ESL Steel Limited, emphasized the company’s commitment to community welfare and its goal to foster creativity and self-expression among students. He highlighted how initiatives like these encourage talent development and contribute to a vibrant learning environment beyond academics.

The competition was judged by renowned personalities in the field of art, including Mohan Azad, Guinness & Limca World Record Holder in Drawing & Art, and Bidyanti Kumari, Gold Medallist Senior Teacher of Trimurti Public School, Kandra, Chas, Bokaro. They praised the participants for their creativity and emphasized the importance of such platforms in nurturing artistic talent and providing opportunities for self-expression.

Rakesh Mishra, Deputy Head of CSR at ESL Steel Limited, who oversaw the competition, expressed satisfaction with the event’s success despite the weather challenges. He noted the children’s resilience and enthusiasm throughout the competition and pledged to continue organizing such events to benefit the children in the future.

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