‘Cannot raise anti-Sanatan slogans…,’ Gourav Vallabh joins BJP

New Delhi: New Delhi: Gourav Vallabh, former spokesperson of the Congress party, tendered his resignation from the party’s primary membership and few hours later joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in New Delhi on Thursday.

Citing discomfort with the Congress’s alleged directionless trajectory, Vallabh expressed his inability to raise what he termed as ‘anti-Sanatan slogans’, a reference to the party’s stance on certain ideological issues.

In a letter addressed to party president Mallikarjun Kharge, Vallabh articulated his reasons for resigning, stating, “I don’t feel comfortable with the directionless way the Congress was moving today, which is against the basic principles of the party. I can’t raise anti-Sanatan slogans nor abuse the wealth creators of the country day and night. Hence, I am resigning from all the posts and the primary membership of the Congress Party.”

In his missive, Vallabh criticized the Congress’s approach, alleging a divergence from its core principles. He pointed out what he perceived as contradictory actions, such as advocating for caste-based census while seemingly opposing Hindu interests, which, according to him, could portray the party as biased towards a specific religious group.

Expressing dismay over the party’s decision not to participate in the consecration ceremony of Lord Ram in Ayodhya, Vallabh, who identifies as a Hindu, highlighted his discomfort with the party’s stance on such issues.

“As a Hindu by birth and a teacher by profession, the party’s position on this matter made me uncomfortable and troubled me,” Vallabh conveyed to Kharge.

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