Modiji will become PM even after 75…

Hyderabad: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has rejected Arvind Kejriwal’s assertion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will retire from active politics on his 75th birthday, September 17, this year.

Shah’s sharp response came during a press conference in Hyderabad, where he stated that there is no constitutional provision in the BJP that prevents Modi from continuing as Prime Minister after turning 75.

“I want to tell Arvind Kejriwal and the INDI alliance that there is no need to celebrate Modiji turning 75. It is not written in the BJP’s Constitution that Modiji cannot become Prime Minister again. He will lead the country again and complete his term,” Shah remarked.

Earlier, Arvind Kejriwal, who was released on interim bail from Tihar jail, questioned whether PM Modi would be retiring in 2025. Kejriwal, a vocal critic of the BJP and PM Modi, suggested that Modi’s turning 75 would lead to his retirement, citing examples of other BJP leaders who have retired after reaching that age.

Kejriwal’s comments also drew a response from BJP National President JP Nadda, who dismissed the notion of Modi’s retirement based on age. “Now they are looking for excuses by referring to Modi Ji’s age. There is no such provision in the BJP’s constitution… Modi Ji is our leader and will continue to lead us in the future,” Nadda stated.

Amit Shah also cautioned Kejriwal not to view his interim bail as a clean chit, reminding him that the bail was granted only until June 1, after which he is required to surrender to the agencies. Shah emphasized that if Kejriwal perceives this interim relief as a vindication, then his understanding of the law is flawed.”

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