Muhurat of Hindi Feature Film ‘Lohanchal’ Held at IGNOU Center, Bokaro

Bokaro: Today, the Muhurat ceremony for the Hindi feature film ‘Lohanchal’ took place at the IGNOU Center in Sector 3, Bokaro. The event was graced by the film’s cameraman, Dhananjay Kumar, who traveled from Mumbai for the occasion. Directed by Bokaro’s own young talent, Kumar Pandey, ‘Lohanchal’ is being produced under the Rudra KR banner and features a story deeply connected to Bokaro and its surrounding areas.

In addition to Bokaro and Jharkhand, the film will also be shot in Mumbai. The cast will include actors from Bokaro as well as prominent names from Bollywood.

Director Kumar Pandey expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “Today is a very important day for the people of Bokaro. We are laying a foundation stone that will establish Bokaro’s identity in the field of film production. The talented artists here will gain respect and prestige.”

Young social worker and theater artist from Bokaro, Mohammad Mehboob Alam, highlighted the abundant talent in Jharkhand, emphasizing the need for the right platform. He added, “If this film is made and released from Mumbai, it will greatly benefit the local artists and provide many with a new identity.”

Producer Parasnath Yadav shared his optimism, saying, “The film ‘Lohanchal’ will prove to be a milestone and will create employment opportunities in this region.”

The auspicious event saw the attendance of numerous notable figures including Rajesh Kumar Singh, Sameer Singh, Mukesh Tiwari, Uttil Yadav, Arun Singh, Anupam Ojha, Himanshu Shekhar Mishra, Shravan Kumar Jha, Mukesh Singh, Sudhir Singha, Om Prakash Tiwari, Riya Devi, Dinesh Sharma, Dharmendra Soni, L.K. Marandi, Manoj Kumar, Sandeep Kumar Mahato, Raja Naik, Rajesh Mahato, Deepak Singh, Arjun Kumar, Raju Naik, Deepak Kumar, Hrithik Kumar, and Dinesh Paswan.

The launch of ‘Lohanchal’ marks a significant step towards showcasing the rich talent of Bokaro and Jharkhand on a larger cinematic stage.

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