ESL Steel Limited Raises Awareness on World No Tobacco Day with Community Program

Bokaro: ESL Steel Limited, a Vedanta Group Company and a leading integrated steel producer in India, organised an awareness and sensitization programme to commemorate World No Tobacco Day. This event is part of ESL’s ongoing commitment to society and community development around its Bokaro plant, which has earned it numerous accolades from national and international bodies.

Under its flagship healthcare initiative, Project AAROGYA, ESL Steel Limited collaborated with the Citizens Foundation and the District Health Department to host the programme at the Das Tola Nand Ghar Anganwadi Center in Bandhdih. The event saw an attendance of around 50 people, including local health workers such as Sahia, Sevika, and Sahayika.

Project AAROGYA has been instrumental in providing daily healthcare services to more than 100 villagers and has served approximately 300,000 patients to date through its center and Mobile Health Unit, which reaches 27 villages. The initiative targets various community members, including children, youth, women, expectant and lactating mothers, men, and the elderly.

During the World No Tobacco Day event, government stakeholders and Project AAROGYA team members shared vital information with attendees. The topics covered included the impact of tobacco on health, causes of tobacco-related diseases, preventive measures, symptoms, and treatment options. The programme emphasised the importance of preventive measures, particularly for youth, and the role of creating a positive home environment through counselling and sensitization by guardians.

World No Tobacco Day, observed annually on 31st May, aims to highlight the dangers of tobacco use, the business practices of tobacco companies, the efforts of the WHO to combat the tobacco epidemic, and ways for individuals to achieve healthier lives. Tobacco use results in over 8 million deaths globally each year, and in India, it accounts for approximately 1.5 million deaths annually, including those from smoking, secondhand smoke, and chewing tobacco. Tobacco-related diseases are a major health burden in India, contributing significantly to deaths from ischemic heart disease, COPD, and stroke, and making up 27% of the country’s cancer cases in 2020.

Tobacco use also imposes a significant economic burden on India, with the WHO estimating a loss of 1% of the country’s GDP due to diseases and early deaths from tobacco use.

Ashish Ranjan, Head of CSR, ER & PR at ESL Steel Limited, emphasised the importance of the initiative: “Given the alarming statistics and high tobacco usage, even among women, in the vicinity of our plant, ESL Steel Limited is committed to sensitising and raising awareness within our community. We believe in consistently working towards making a transformative impact in our immediate neighbourhood. Project AAROGYA is not just a healthcare initiative; it’s a testament to our dedication to improving the lives of those we touch and fostering healthier and happier communities.”

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