President Murmu Calls Emergency the “Biggest and Darkest Attack on Constitution”

New Delhi: In a statement likely to spark controversy, President Droupadi Murmu on Thursday referred to the 1975 Emergency era, declared by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, as “the biggest and darkest attack on the Constitution.” The remark was made during her address to the joint session of Parliament.

“The Indian Constitution is going to complete 75 years in a few months’ time. The Constitution has withstood every challenge over the last 10 years. Even when the Constitution was being framed, there were many powers that wanted India to be unsuccessful,” said President Murmu.

She added, “The Constitution has been attacked numerous times since it was created. Emergency was the biggest and darkest attack on the Constitution. Chaos broke out across the entire country at that time. But the country has defeated such unconstitutional powers because democracy has remained a tradition in India.”

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor reacted to President Murmu’s remarks by telling ANI, “Talking about the Emergency in the address after 49 years was illogical. She ought to have addressed the matters of the day.

Nothing regarding the NEET exam or unemployment was communicated to us. Neither President Murmu nor Prime Minister Modi mentioned Manipur. The address should have covered issues such as the India-China border.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also criticized the Congress over the Emergency during the opening day of the monsoon session of Parliament on Monday. “Tomorrow is June 25,” the Prime Minister said. “For those who hold the democratic traditions and the Constitution in high esteem, June 25 is a significant date. It marks 49 years since the dark period of the Emergency began. The youth of this nation will always remember how democracy was suppressed and the Constitution was rejected.”

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