‘Majority population will turn into a minority if…’

# Allahabad High Court Raises Concerns Over Religious Congregations and Conversions

Allahabad: The Allahabad High Court has expressed serious concerns over religious congregations, stating that such gatherings are becoming sites for religious conversions. The court warned that the majority population in the country could turn into a minority if these activities continue, according to media reports.

The court’s remarks came during a bail hearing for Kailash, accused of transporting people from Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh, to Delhi for religious purposes. Justice Rohit Ranjan Agarwal clarified that while Article 25 of the Constitution permits the propagation of religion, it does not sanction conversions.

“The word ‘propagation’ means to promote, but it does not mean to convert any person from his religion to another religion,” the court stated, as quoted by NDTV.

Justice Agarwal further emphasized that if the process of conversion is allowed unchecked, the majority population could become a minority. He called for an immediate halt to religious congregations where conversions are taking place.

The court noted that there has been a rise in unlawful conversions, particularly targeting people from SC/ST and economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Uttar Pradesh.

The First Information Report (FIR) against Kailash alleges that he took Ramphal, the mentally ill brother of Ramkali Prajapati, to Delhi for treatment, but Ramphal never returned. The FIR claims that many individuals from Hamirpur were taken and converted to Christianity.

The case highlights the ongoing concerns about religious conversions and the legal and societal implications in India. Further investigations are underway.

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