Hemant Soren Set to Return as Jharkhand Chief Minister as Champai Soren Resigns

Ranchi: In a significant political development, Champai Soren stepped down as the Chief Minister of Jharkhand on Wednesday, submitting his resignation to Governor CP Radhakrishnan at Raj Bhavan in Ranchi. This move paves the way for Hemant Soren to assume office once again.

Champai Soren, addressing the media after tendering his resignation, cited the unanimous decision of the alliance to elect Hemant Soren as the JMM legislature party leader as the reason for his resignation.

Immediately after Champai’s resignation, Hemant Soren wasted no time in staking claim to form the next government. Sources within the ruling alliance indicated that Hemant is expected to take the oath of office for the third time as Chief Minister on Thursday.

Jharkhand is currently governed by a coalition comprising the JMM, Congress, RJD, and the CPI (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation.

Earlier on Wednesday, the JMM officially elected Hemant Soren as the legislature party leader, clearing the path for his return to the chief ministerial position.

It’s noteworthy that Champai Soren had assumed the role of Chief Minister on February 2, following Hemant Soren’s resignation amidst legal troubles involving an Enforcement Directorate (ED) investigation into a money laundering case linked to a land scam. Hemant Soren was granted bail five months later, leading to his release from custody on June 28, after the Jharkhand High Court found sufficient grounds to suggest his innocence in the matter.

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