DVC Foundation Day Tribute to Ancestral Efforts, says Thakur

Bokaro: The Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) commemorated its foundation day with fervour and cultural splendor at the football ground of Chandrapura Thermal Power Station yesterday evening. Residents of Chandrapura were treated to a vibrant program that left them applauding joyously.

The festivities commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by Senior General Manager and Project Head, Manoj Kumar Thakur, accompanied by Bhavya Thakur, Senior General Manager (Human Resources), Dr. DC Pandey, General Manager Avijit Ghosh, and other senior officials.

Addressing the gathering, Thakur highlighted the profound contributions of DVC’s predecessors since its inception, attributing the organization’s current achievements to their dedicated efforts.

“On this Foundation Day, we pay homage to our organization’s forebears. It is a day to honour their legacy and pledge to propel our success even further,” remarked Thakur.

He commended the cultural performances presented by students from DVC +2 School, DVC First and Second Middle School, D Nobli School, and Central School. Expressing optimism for the institution’s future, Thakur called upon everyone to collectively work towards its advancement.

During his speech, Thakur stressed the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in Chandrapura Colony. He urged residents to uphold cleanliness standards and announced initiatives to clean the Patli River near Jagannath Temple, the football ground, and the welfare center.

Students who participated in the cultural program were honoured by the DVC management, emphasizing the corporation’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering community spirit.

Among the dignitaries present were Senior Manager Hari Mukund Prajapati, Manager Praveen Kumar, Rajkumar Chaudhary, Ravindra Kumar, Akshay Kumar, Amulya Singh Sardar, Saryu Ravidas, Ramkumar Dubey, Sanjeev Kumar, Umesh Kumar Sharma, and Manoj Kumar Jha.

The celebration of DVC’s foundation day not only showcased cultural diversity but also underscored the corporation’s dedication to community welfare and sustainable development.

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