Saudi Airlines flight catches fire, makes emergency landing at Peshawar airport

Peshawar: A Saudi Airlines flight originating from Riyadh conducted an emergency landing at Bacha Khan International Airport in Peshawar on Thursday after experiencing a fire upon touchdown. The incident prompted the immediate evacuation of all 297 passengers and crew members, confirmed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

According to reports from the Pakistan Observer, the fire, attributed to a malfunction in the landing gear, led to the emergence of smoke and sparks from the left-hand side landing gear during the landing process.

CAA spokesperson Saifullah stated that air traffic controllers promptly identified the issue and alerted both the pilots and the airport’s fire and rescue teams.

The swift response of CAA fire vehicles successfully extinguished the flames engulfing the landing gear, averting a potential disaster. Passengers and crew members safely exited the aircraft using an inflatable slide, as captured in video footage from the scene.

Authorities at Peshawar airport confirmed that regular flight operations continued unaffected.

In an official statement, Saudi Airlines clarified that flight SV792 encountered smoke from one of its tires during landing.

The airline reassured that all necessary safety measures were implemented, ensuring the safe evacuation of passengers and crew, while the aircraft undergoes technical assessment.

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