All India’s intelligence agencies fail, Prime Minister Modi’s life in danger?

GNS/ New Delhi:

Two months ago, threatened to kill Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sent to the police. Before that, a message was sent in August, threatening to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Often Prime Minister Narendra Modi is threatening to kill him by sending an email and Indian security agencies are lying in the ear oil. All intelligence agencies like RAW, IB, Cyber Cell, Police Intelligence, Army Intelligence, etc. are being secret information and security agencies. Is the threat to the Indian intelligence and security system all the expertise?

The country’s head should be openly threatened with death and the threatening person will not be able to find the official system and intelligence system, it can be a big failure. The question of inadequacy will also arise on the functioning of the Indian Home Ministry. After all, what is the job of the Home Ministry, which has become insecure that threatens to kill his Prime Minister. In this way, it is also true that separating the safety mechanism of the prime minister is to see the stars in those days but can not deny it with the exception.

Therefore, the threat of repeated death of the Prime Minister cannot be mitigated. Meanwhile, a few days ago, police and security agencies are investigating the threatening calls received by the police to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but nothing has happened in his hands till now. In the first mail sent in August, the Prime Minister was asked to attack by September 19. No further information has been written in the short mail sent on a line. Now there has been a move with threatened mail again. In June this year, Pune Police received a letter too. It was a conspiracy by Maoists to kill the Prime Minister. In the letter, it was written that in the coming elections, Prime Minister will be killed like Rajiv Gandhi. Sources announce that this mail came a week ago. The mail, sent on two lines, states that the Pakistan Intelligence Agency has sent some suspected people to Delhi to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After this mail, police have gathered in search of suspicion. In order to identify the IP address (computer sent from the computer), security agencies have emphasized the elil pick. But nothing has happened at the moment at hand.

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