Terrorist organization supporting Mosque, NIA discloses details

GNS / Chandigarh: After NIA’s disclosure on the financial support of terrorist Hafiz Saeed in Masjid Khalafa-e-Rashidin, which is being constructed in Utahvad village of Palwal district, sensation has spread all around. Terrorist Saeed was preparing to create a new army for terror by offering financial assistance to mosques, madarsas and the poor in different parts of India.

Hafiz Saeed, Falah-e-Insariyat and Lashkar-e-Taiba were financially helping the mosque being built in Udwad village of Palwal district for five years.

Palwal Masjid has been built from around 2.5 million rupees. The Lalmatist Salman had given a total of Rs 80 lakhs to build this mosque, where the rest of the money came from, the NIA is engaged in a thorough investigation. About 3-4 new people are being told about the NIA radar, whose money has reached the militants’ money.

Funding has been transferred to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai and Kashmir. NIA is investigating this at large level. It is mentioned that Imam Mohammed Salman of the mosque was given a check of 80 lakhs in the name of Pakistani citizen Kamran, a resident of Dubai. It is believed that Kamran works for the terrorist organization and sends money for terrorist activities in India.

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